Thank you for your interest in joining our healthy fitness community!!! Let’s get you started with a Fundamentals program so that you can get a good feel of our community and experience of our instructors!

Why do we require Fundamentals?

Nowhere else can you get as much out of an hour than with CrossFit. The movements and techniques you’ll perform, however, are sometimes complex and require a bit of learning. For your safety, each and every new member must complete Foundations Classes prior to joining, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to take on any WOD.

(If you’re visiting from another box and have previous CrossFit experience, contact us to see if you are able to test out of Foundations.)

What is Fundamentals?

Fundamentals Class consists of 4 sessions over 2 or 3 weeks that focus on the core movements of CrossFit. In each class you will learn foundational movements and progressions from a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, along with Olympic Lifts taught by a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Coach. Each class will start with a warm-up followed by instruction on CrossFit Movements and/or Olympic Lifts, then end with a workout using the movements learned that day.

Each class builds on movements learned from the previous class, therefore it is a requirement that you complete all 4 classes in order before you join regular CrossFit classes.

What’s the class size?

Classes are kept small in order to give each person plenty of individual attention while learning these movements.

When can I start?

A new class starts at least every two weeks or when we have enough people to fill a class. Contact us to see when the next set of Foundations Classes start. If those class times don’t fit your schedule, let us know so we can make other arrangements.

What’s the cost?

Small group classes (6 people or less), 4 classes total – 4 classes (you get to pick days/times) – $240

Once you have completed Foundations Classes you are welcome to join any of the regularly scheduled CrossFit classes, Specialty Classes or stop in during Open Gym time, depending on your membership.


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Not ready to commit to a contract or just in town for a couple days? Feel free to drop in for a workout at our box. Drop in fee is $20 per day. 60 per week. Please contact us BEFORE SHOWING UP. Please e-mail us to let us know if you have any physical limitations, what your CrossFit experience level is and where your home CrossFit box is. Plan on arriving 15 minutes before scheduled class time to sign a waiver, meet our coach and get acquainted with our box.


The core of your CrossFit experience will likely be found here. Unless specially denoted, all CrossFit classes are held in group settings. There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately the group will serve as your inspiration and motivation as well as hold you accountable. Group class sizes are kept to a low coach to athlete ratio which allows our coaches to keep a keen, personal eye on everyone at all times.

Classes are one hour long and generally include each of the following:

  • Stretching/Warm Up
  • Movement Instruction
  • Workout of the Day
  • Cool Down / Stretch

Group Class Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

5:30am, 6:30am, 12:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm


5:30am, 6:30am, 12:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm



Group Class Rates 12-Month Contract

  • Unlimited classes
  • Saturday make-up WODs
  • Open Gym Hours
  • Olympic Lifting classes
  • Competition Team Eligibility
  • Pot Lucks
  • Special Events

3-Month Contract

  • Unlimited classes
  • Saturday make-up WODs
  • Pot Lucks
  • Special Events


  • Unlimited classes
  • Saturday make-up WODs
  • Pot Lucks
  • Special Events


  • Unlimited classes
  • Saturday make-up WODs
  • Pot Lucks
  • Special Events


Personal Training is a great way to have one on one time with a highly skilled Coach. All of our coaches are talented, motivated, and have a strong desire to help people obtain their fitness goals. Because these individuals are committed to offering their clients the utmost attention and high quality training, they only commit to a few clients each month.

For more information please email here, or call/text Khemeran (571) 337-6274