Vivian is a Northern Virginia Native and graduated from George Mason University 2010 with a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management. As a child, she was involved in many different sports but mostly focused on Tae Kwon Do and Isshinryu. Through CrossFit she found herself to be more of a strength athlete and have continued her fitness journey as a Strongman athlete! Since March 2014 she has competed and placed in NOVA’s Strongest Woman, 4th Annual Capital Classic Strongman, and Brute’s Star Spangled Banner and she’s headed to NAS America’s Strongest Woman in Las Vegas at Mr. Olympia.

“I can’t say I ever considered myself athletic, but that is what I’ve become through CrossFit. I have made gains in confidence, strength, speed and all around fitness. I have also made losses in health risks, negative thoughts, clothing sizes, and the scale. I became dedicated to my health; learning more about CrossFit, developing my skills and improving upon my faults.”

Certifications and Trainer Courses CrossFit Level One Certification * Wilkes Olympic Weightlifting Seminar