Snatch, Muscle Up

March 30th:Snatch to a moderate weightConditioning Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of9 Full Snatches 115/75 pounds9 Muscle Ups / Chest to Bar Pull UpsPost rounds completed

Run, Deadlift

March 29th:5 rounds for time: Run 400 meters21 Deadlifts 185/115Post time completed 

Med Ball Cleans, Push Jerks

March 28th: For time:20-lb. medicine-ball cleans, 50 reps155/105 pound push jerks, 25 reps20-lb. medicine-ball cleans, 50 repsPost time to comments.

Squats, Pull Ups, Cleans

March 27th:3 rounds for total repsOne minute of 135-lb. back squatsRest one minuteOne minute of chest-to-bar pull-upsRest one minuteOne minute of 135-lb. power cleansRest one minutePost total reps completed