January 10th:


Establish a Deadlift Training Max


Workout 1

Wod 1 

With a Partner

With an 8 minute running clock,

4 rounds of:

20 Wall Ball

10 Burpees

Then max snatches in the time remaining

115/75, 95/65, 75/55 

*Score is number of reps of Snatch*

***Snatch can be Power, Full or Split. If Split feet must come back together for the rep to count.

****Teammates can divide the work any way they want with one teammate working at a time, all Wall Ball must be completed before moving to Snatches

 Workout 2

10 Deadlift

10 Toes to Bar/Knee to Elbow/Hanging Leg Raise

7 Minute AMRAP

*Partners must alternate movements.  Partner 1 does all 10 Deadlift while Partner 2 Hangs from Pull Up Rig.  Partner 2 will then do 10 Toes to Bar while partner 1 Holds the bar at the top of the Deadlift.  Partners will then switch positions for each subsequent round.

Deadlift 205/155,185/135, 155/95 

post rounds completed