October 9th Workout of the day:

Work up to 1 Rep Max Snatch


“The MainStreet Medley”

For Time:

12 Wall Climbs,

21 toes to bars,

21 Box jumps 24/20 inch box,

9 Wall Climbs,

15 toes to bars,

15 box jumps,

6 Wall Climbs,

9 toes to bars,

9 box jumps.

Post time completed

Level 3 Wall climbs, toes to bars, 24/20 inch box

Level 2 Wall Climbs, Knees to elbows, 24/20 inch box

Level 1 Half Wall climbs, Knees to chest / leg raises, 20/18 box

Puppies Inch worms, V sit ups , Bench Step ups

Finisher Rope Climb Practice