Capital Affiliate League week 4!!!

“Gymnastics Regatta”

10 Minutes

WOD 1 is a 4 person and 10min WOD in which athletes must maintain order throughout the WOD.  The first element of the WOD is a 150 calorie row in which athletes must row 25 calories each and rotate every 25 calories.  After 6 rotations and a total of 150 calories rowed, athletes use the remaining time in the 10 minutes to execute as many handstand push ups as possible.  Again, athletes must maintain order and each athlete must make one attempt per rotation.  The minimum work required to serve as an attempt is to kick up to the wall in the top position.

Handstand Push Ups:

25# plates with an abmat between them. Abmat must remain against the wall

WOD 2: “2×2 Pair Clusters”

12 Minutes

WOD 2 is a 12 min WOD that will feature 2 pairs of 2 athletes.  Pair A will execute a required number of repetitions before tagging Pair B to execute AMRAP squat clean thrusters.  Team score is the number of squat clean thrusters executed by Pair B.  Teams can break up the reps anyway possible.

Pair A: 100 Double Unders

35 Squat Clean Thrusters

-tag Pair B-

Pair B:  AMRAP Squat Clean Thrusters 125/85