Capital Affiliate League Week 1!!!

WOD 1: Toes to Squats

WOD 1 is an 7 min AMRAP which includes a toes to bar buy in and as many front squat reps as possible with the remaining time after completion of your toes to bar buy in.  This WOD features 4 athletes with only 1 athlete working at a time.  Athletes must be off of their bar and barbells settled on the ground before the next athlete may begin their movement.  Score is the total # of front squats completed.

Toes to Bar x 75

Front Squats (155/105)

post total Front Squats

WOD 2: 3 Rounds x 4 Stations

WOD 2 is a 3 round workout that features 4 stations that will be executed for 1 min of work per round.  Athletes must rotate each minute with a continuously running clock and maintain their order throughout the WOD.  Score is the combined total of all reps after the completion of 3 rounds.  The movements and weights are listed below:

Wall Balls (20/14) – 10ft target

Shoulder to Overhead – (95/65)

Burpee to Plate


post total reps