Open gym / make up day


Capital Afilliate League 2012 Week 1

WOD 1:

(2) Athletes execute “Grace 1.5″ (45 x Clean and Jerk) (135/95)
-tag (2) separate Athletes-
(2) Athletes execute “Isabel 1.5″ (45 x Snatch)(95/65)

*Total time is score
**1 barbell per weight
***If male and female (2) athlete team, barbell must be controlled and released on ground prior to next barbell being touched

WOD 2:
AMRAP in 20 mins – 4 stations with rotations on min
-Wall Balls (20/14) at 10 ft target
-Row for Calories
-Push Press (75/55)

*Total combined reps for score
**Wall ball must hit target and squat must be below parallel
***Must be push press and not jerk